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Half of UK plumbers experience mental health problems due to work

Half (50%) of UK plumbers experience mental health problems due to work-related issues, a new study has found.  The research, commissioned by IronmongeryDirect, found that 63% experience some form of mental health problem, such as stress, anxiety or depression, at least once a week. Money worries cause the most stress, with 42% of builders blaming financial situations […]

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Plumbers face more delayed payments than any other trade

UK tradespeople are seeing over £1,000 of payments per year withheld by customers following a completed job, with plumbers facing more delayed payments than any other trade. The research, conducted by IronmongeryDirect, found that an average £1,062 is owed to tradies across the UK. A third (33%) said they were waiting for over £1,000 from customers for completed jobs, whilst nearly one in […]

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World Cup or Work? What do tradespeople choose?

With the World Cup in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the football fever and nearly 20 million viewers tuned in to watch England in their first world cup match on Monday 18th June. But the daytime games can put loyalties to the test for tradespeople who have to make the tough […]

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Revealed – THIS is the formula for the perfect bacon butty

There are few things more British than the bacon butty, but the perfect sandwich and its composition have always been highly contested – however new research has finally uncovered the formula to the greatest British bacon butty. Britons’ ideal sandwich is made of three slices of smoked bacon on a white bread roll with brown […]

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Over half of Brits worry about being burgled

Over half of the UK population worry about their houses being burgled on a regular basis, according to new research. 53% of Brits said that they were worried about their homes being broken into, with 47% of these saying it is a regular concern and 6% admitting that they worry about it all of the […]

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