Jo Alsop

Off-grid house buyers are getting stung with unforeseen heating bills

The Heating Hub has called for urgent action to help house buyers understand the true cost of heating a property prior to purchase.  The company is receiving a high volume of enquiries from householders who have reported moving to homes that are off the gas grid, only to discover that the costs of running their heating systems are […]

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Heating industry “not fit for purpose” and “has addiction to boiler sales”

The heating industry is barring consumers from exercising their rights to choose efficient heating systems, according to consumer advice experts at The Heating Hub. Jo Alsop, Founder of The Heating Hub, gives her view: For too long the UK’s domestic heating industry has been focused on volume boiler sales rather than on providing consumers with good advice about how to choose long-lasting, efficient […]

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Consumers ‘strongly advised’ to check new heating technologies are a viable option for their property

Consumer advice experts at The Heating Hub have warned consumers not to get ‘hooked’ on the latest technologies in the drive to reduce carbon emissions, saying they should focus on selecting the most appropriate system for their household requirements. The government recently announced ambitious plans to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028 and […]

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#InstallerFESTIVAL Future Heat roundtable

As part of #InstalleFESTIVAL, we hosted a live roundtable on the Future of Heat, in partnership with Honeywell Home Products. The future requirements of the domestic heating system is forecast to be a lot different in the future – this discussion will focus on the requirements of the carbon friendly house of the future, and […]

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Is BOXT a distruptor? Are online boiler sales an opportunity for installers? Jo Alsop takes a look

Online boiler sales are a concern for installers but The Heating Hub’s Jo Alsop argues that while installers need to respond to the challenge, skills remain their trump card. According to Andy Kerr, co-founder of BOXT, “Home installation is ripe for disruption and we want BOXT to be the first choice for customers who want […]

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