Josh Jackman

Soaring energy bills are preventing Brits from buying low-carbon heating technology

New data from The Eco Expert’s National Home Energy Survey has revealed that soaring energy bills and the rise in the cost of living have made 43% of Brits less likely to purchase low-carbon technology in the past 12 months. Low-carbon heating products such as air source heat pumps could help UK households to reduce […]

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Lack of government publicity contributed to failings of Boiler Upgrade Scheme – New data suggests

New data discovered by renewable energy authority The Eco Experts reveals a major lack of publicity contributed to the government’s failed Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Google Trends search data highlights a clear consumer interest in ‘air source heat pumps’ over the last 12 months, but minimal searches for the ‘boiler upgrade scheme’ or ‘heat pump grant’. […]

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