The Apprentice – Part 10

Hello and welcome to the 10th installment of my plumbing and heating blog. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last blog – time really does fly by when you’re grafting.  Since we last spoke, things have really picked up in all the aspects of my apprenticeship – at college, on site, […]

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The Apprentice – Part 9

Hello and welcome to the 9th installment of my Plumbing and Heating blog. It feels as though it’s been ages since I last wrote one of these, I guess it’s because so much has changed between now and my last installment. I’ve been back at college for a little over a month now and am […]

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The Apprentice – Part 8

I think that we can safely say that summers coming to a quick and cold end now, and its mad how quick its gone – I’m back to college on the 3rd of September, and will be heading into the second year of my NVQ level 2 qualification. I’m looking forward to rejoining my mates […]

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The Apprentice – Part 7

I’m sure you can all guess where I’m working; I’ve said it enough times, and your correct Wood Street! Its not that I don’t like the site, its been really interesting to witness how a job can develop from an absolute mess into a newly developed office and retail block – although I’m ready for […]

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'No charge' pledge from JTL

The Board of charitable company JTL has decided that throughout the coming financial year, no change will be made to its policy of maintaining a free management service for employers taking on apprentices through the organisation. This levy-free position is seen as a core value of the largest and most successful national provider of apprenticeship […]

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