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How to bend copper pipe right – A guide for heating and plumbing engineers

Despite the increasing presence of plastic piping, copper remains the first choice for many plumbers and heating engineers. Kim Morris looks at how using the right methods for bending copper pipe can save time, money and effort during an installation. Copper pipe has been used in the UK for such a long time that it […]

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What installers need to know about working on mobile catering vehicles

Kim Morris reviews the regulations that need to be considered when carrying out any necessary work on mobile catering vehicles. Mobile catering vehicles could be a caravan, motor vehicle or trailer, which has either been converted for this use or specially constructed in a factory. Examples include the ‘hole in the wall’- style fish and […]

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Hard or soft water? Everything installers need to know

When it comes to providing usable water for drinking, washing and general use, there are various challenges that need to be overcome. Kim Morris looks at the process of supplying and treating cold water for UK properties. Water in different parts of the UK varies in the amount of dissolved mineral ions it contains. This […]

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Ventilation as part of gas installation work – What installers need to know

Providing ventilation is an essential part of gas installation work – Kim Morris explains that it is the responsibility of the gas engineer to ensure that the relevant requirements of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) and manufacturer’s instructions are met in full. Failure to provide adequate ventilation following gas installation work […]

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Discharging duty

Kim Morris looks at the right methods for the installation of above-ground sanitary systems, paying particular attention to the recommendations in Approved Document H. To correctly install, commission and test above-ground sanitary and rainwater systems, it is recommended that reference to Approved Document H: Drainage and Waste Disposal 2002 Edition (ADH) be made in England […]

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