Unvented cylinder install and review – Plumberparts 🎥

This video from our friends at Plumberparts is all about Hot Water Unvented cylinders for hot taps. In this video Plumberparts is installing a Range Tribune from Kingspan, which is pre-plumbed. Jimmy shows you why you would install one, what each pipe does and just generally how they work. In the UK you need a […]

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Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel range of hot water cylinders offers flexible and efficient solution

Mains pressurised hot water is increasingly preferred in the UK for domestic upgrades and replacement systems, especially in larger homes and properties that are being extended. The growing number of households with unvented cylinders is now estimated at nearly 5m homes, with recent research also suggesting that the need for more efficient domestic water heating […]

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Kingspan Solar launches online solar calculator

Kingspan Solar has released a new, online solar calculator which lets installers quickly work out the cost benefits of installing a solar thermal heating system. There are significant savings to be made with a well designed solar thermal installation, using either flat plate or vacuum tube collectors, and Kingspan Solar has taken a major step towards clarifying […]

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