Snickers' range of Kneepads offers "cutting edge" protection

If you work a lot on your knees, Snickers’ range of Kneepads will deliver cutting edge protection. There’s a Kneepad in the Snickers range to suit the job, whether it’s working in tough working environments, floorlaying or just need all-round knee protection. They’re all ergonomically designed to suit a wide range of on-site working environments and […]

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New range of ToughBuilt Knee Pads launched

In order to protect the health and safety of even more tradesmen, a new range of ToughBuilt Knee Pads has been launched. Offering protection combined with maximum convenience for any tradesman that spends a lot of time working at low levels, the ToughBuilt Knee Pads range now features an innovative 2-in-1 solution. Ideal for when working […]

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Redbacks cushioning technology

Making sure you have the best possible protection for your knees “can help prevent up to 6 months down time and subsequent loss of earnings through knee injury in the workplace”. The claim comes from Cliff Lockyer, CEO of CL-7 Limited, the Daventry, Northamptonshire based manufacturers of ‘Redbacks’ cushioning kneepads which are winners of the […]

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ToughBuilt kneepad

Wear and tear from kneeling all day can lead to more prolonged issues in the long-term so it’s important that tradesmen always have the right support to hand. Providing a stable base on a roof, preventing damage to delicate flooring and offering protection against hard and gravelly surfaces, the new ToughBuilt kneepad range from Hyde […]

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New memory kneepads

After 4 years of research and development, a completely new, non-foam based safety kneepad which ‘memorises’ its original form without reducing its cushioning effect from consecutive or prolonged use, is now available. In comparison to most foam materials which provide cushioning by air pockets that collapse over a short amount of time, tests have proven […]

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