Korando Sports

The benefits of no-touch technology for commercial washroom settings

The hygiene benefits of no-touch are a vital element of any commercial washroom setting. Adding infrared no-touch taps to your offering brings customers health and savings benefits and brings installers and contractors added-value sales opportunities. What are the benefits of no-touch? The obvious benefit of installing infrared no-touch taps into commercial washrooms is that by […]

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Korando Sports one tonne pick-up is one of the most affordable on the market

With an increased payload of 1,050kg, the Korando Sports one tonne pick-up is now the most practical, comprehensively equipped and affordable pick-up in the market. The new Korando Sports has been fitted with uprated and progressive rear coil springs within the existing multi-link rear suspension set up – the only pick-up in the market to […]

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