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REHAU has launched RE.GUARD – a smart water control system using ultrasound technology

REHAU has launched RE.GUARD,  a smart water control system using the latest in ultrasound technology. Water damage is one of the most frequently reported insurance claims. According to ABI, insurers pay out £1.8 million for residential water damage every day. Causes can relate to a number of issues such as corrosion, limescale and frost compromising […]

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5 quick eco wins for installers

Climate change, sustainability, recycling, ‘going green’ – we hear these phrases every day on the news and in conversation, but what does it actually mean when it comes to taking action? More importantly, how can you help customers be more eco-friendly when it comes to heating and plumbing solutions? Richard Harvey, Commercial Director of Plumbing […]

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How IoT technology is the future of leak detection

Lee Davies from eclicks.co.nz looks at how technology can change the future of leak detection: In a world that predicates its future on the advancements modern society creates, convenience technology has always reigned supreme. With sleeker tech and even bigger ideas, each and every aspect of our world has been affected by convenience technology. However, […]

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