Six tips to help your van last longer

Driving smoothly, ensuring fluids are topped up and regularly cleaning inside and out are all ways cars and vans can be preserved. Motoring experts from have revealed six tips which will help vehicles last for longer: Being less aggressive on the break and clutch pedals and ensuring tyre pressures and tread depths are correct will likely give your vehicle a longer lease of life.   These are’s […]

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Nine top tips for driving in the rain

Drivers have been urged to take precautions if they find themselves on the roads during the downpours forecast across the UK this week. The motoring experts at have put together their nine top tips for driving in wet conditions and advised drivers to take extra care when it’s raining. They suggest slowing down on slippery […]

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7 tips for loading a van properly without breaking any rules or regulations

Common sense goes a long way, but transporting goods safely by van requires a little more thought than simply throwing everything in and hoping for the best.  According to the Road Traffic Act, a person could actually be guilty of an offence if they use a motor vehicle on the road when the weight, position, […]

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10 strangest parking laws in the UK

Drivers who want to steer clear of hefty fines have been urged to get to grips with ten of the strangest British parking laws. Research from has revealed some of the lesser known parking laws that apply in the UK and advised vehicle owners to take note or risk being caught out by authorities. […]

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What to do if you're involved in a motor vehicle accident

Drivers who crash on UK roads must follow a series of strict legal requirements to ensure incidents can be accurately reported and dealt with, but do you know what to do in the event of an accident? Tim Alcock from has highlighted the steps drivers who are involved in a collision must follow, to avoid […]

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