Webinar: No more limescale – Bare wire technology in instant water heaters

Installer is joined by Stiebel Eltron for this no-cost webinar discussing bare wire rechnology in instant hot water heaters. Monday 10 May at 3pm There’s no charge – Click here to save your spot: What we will discuss: What is bare wire technology and how does it differ from traditional tubular water heaters The […]

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Solving common problems with Fernox

Richard Crisp, Head of Chemistry at Fernox, looks at the core products installers should always have to hand and explains how they work. A day in the life of a heating and plumbing installer is never the same, so being prepared to handle as many on-site scenarios as possible is key. Whether it be boiler […]

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How water conditioners can eliminate limescale 🎥

In the next in our series on domestic water solutions, Chris Lightfoot, National Sales Manager at Stuart Turner provides an overview of water conditioners and how they help overcome the issues experienced by customers living in hard water areas. Limescale build up, the most common symptom of hard water, is a problem that is faced […]

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How installers can protect stored hot water systems from scale build up

Stored hot water systems suffer badly from the problem of scale build up, even when water treatment measures are in place. Chris Goggin – Associate Director of Operations at Rinnai UK – takes a look at what installers can do to fight back against scale: Limescale consists of calcium carbonate (calcite) with lesser amounts of […]

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Limescale prevention is a sure-fire way to satisfy customers

Fitting reliable and effective limescale prevention solutions is a sure-fire way to satisfy customers, gain referrals and recommendations, and increase revenue. Daniel Cheung – UK Trade Marketing Manager at Sentinel – takes a look at which limescale products offer the best business benefits. There are few homeowners living in hard water areas (around three-quarters of […]

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