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How to be a great employer and retain your staff – 5 top tips for small businesses

Mark Krull from Logic4training gives tips to small business owners on retaining their staff in 2020 – a vital ingredient for long-term business success: January has a dark reputation. With the bright lights of Christmas over for another year, the transition back to ‘real-life’ – working, paying bills and battling with the dreary weather – […]

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How techy are installers?

How techy are installers? Very, is the answer, according to a new survey by Logic4training, which shows that 90% of tradespeople own a Smartphone or Tablet, with 98% of these owners using them as part of their job. Electricians and gas engineers came out top of the techy trades, with plumbers falling behind when it comes […]

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First installer to receive RHI training voucher

Logic4training interview Tom Hunisett, the first installer to receive an RHI Training Voucher on the day he redeemed it (for solar thermal).

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New gas flue legislation – are you in the know?

From April 1st 2014, it was mandatory for heating engineers to use a flue gas analyser to record CO and CO/CO2 ratio when commissioning a condensing boiler, a move fully supported by Logic4training. Mark Krull, marketing director for Logic4training, explains. Part of the new Benchmark Commissioning Checklist, the legislation is designed to protect both installers […]

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RHI training vouchers now available

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Training Support Vouchers are now available, with Logic Certification approved centres currently delivering the only recognised qualifications in Solar Thermal Hot Water and Heat Pumps. Providing £500 or 75% off the cost of training, installers can now redeem their vouchers at Logic Certification approved centres throughout the UK. At this early […]

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