Low Loss Header

Case Study: Installing a heat pump and low-loss header

Installer follows the installation of a Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump and low-loss header, as part of a new heating system for a bungalow which has been refurbished in Kent. This renovation of a bungalow in Petts Wood, Kent was completed in May 2022 and involved the complete refurbishment of the three bedroom property. […]

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Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders launches new low loss header

Hot water storage specialists, Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders Ltd have added a low loss header to their extensive product range. Often overlooked as an integral component of a heating system, the Telford Low Loss Header has been specifically designed to hydraulically separate individual heating circuits with different temperature and flow rate requirements. This enables […]

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Viessmann launches boiler pump connection set with built-in low loss header

Viessmann has launched a boiler pump connection set with built-in low loss header, which saves space and simplifies installation of single Vitodens 200-W commercial gas boilers. Viessmann has eliminated the need for a separate low loss header and connecting pipework for its Vitodens 200-W commercial wall boiler (49 to 150 kW) by incorporating the header in […]

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