low water pressure

When to specify an accumulator tank

Salamander Pumps shares its top advice for installers looking to boost low water pressure with an accumulator tank: Low water pressure is a problem for installers and householders alike. For the householder it’s poor shower performance or slow filling baths, for an installer it could mean that they don’t have the flow rates necessary for […]

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Low water pressure? Upgrade the pressure or fit a booster pump – how to decide.

Low water pressure in our homes is becoming an increasingly common problem – particularly as population and housing density increases.  When it comes to ‘water pressure’ there are actually two factors at play; the ‘water pressure’ and the ‘flow rate’. From a homeowner’s point of view, however, the real issue is whether they’re able to […]

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Low water pressure? Get it sorted

Low water pressure is an increasingly common problem in buildings across the UK, but finding solutions can be greatly simplified by installing mains boost pumps. Richard Ballard looks at the primary considerations before choosing the right product. Although OFWAT stipulates that water companies must maintain a minimum pressure in the supply pipe of seven metres […]

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