Decarbonising heat in off-grid areas may need “a step-by-step approach”

Hosted by Installer, panellists who took part in the webinar Decarbonising Heat in Rural areas off the gas grid, examined the challenges of decarbonising heating in the countryside. Due to the difficulties and costs of insulating the types of buildings that often exist in rural Britain, panellists – Steve Keeton from Vaillant Group, Sophia Haywood […]

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Worcester Bosch launches LPG Greenstar 4000 variant boiler

Worcester Bosch has launched its LPG Greenstar 4000 variant boiler, which replaces the Greenstar i series. The 4000 range builds on the tried, tested and much-loved features of its predecessor, while mirroring the ease of use, appearance upgrades and performance enhancements of the Greenstar 4000. By matching the design and functionality of the Greenstar i series, […]

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Why BioLPG offers quick carbon-reducing options for installers

Off-grid, rural UK homes have a particular set of challenges when it comes to decarbonising heat in these properties. Karl Bateman, National Specifier Manager at Calor, explains why these factors mean that boilers will continue to have a place in these homes, and why sustainable fuels such as BioLPG offer installers an easy way to […]

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Worcester Bosch launches LPG variant of Greenstar 2000 boiler

Worcester Bosch has launched the LPG variant for its price-competitive Greenstar 2000 boiler range. The boiler was initially introduced in response to installer requests to provide the brand’s renowned high quality and reliability while answering the call for accessible pricing to homeowners. The Greenstar 2000, which carries a Which? Best Buy endorsement, is now available […]

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Off-grid BioLPG can produce 81% carbon savings – says new report

A new report from Rinnai has discovered that converting off-grid sites to BioLPG could return savings of up to 81% on carbon emissions. BioLPG is conceptually renewable and sustainable, as it is made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. BioLPG, can be described as an eco-propane, the chemical makeup of this […]

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