Feed-in Tariff proposals will "decimate micro CHP industry"

The proposals set out in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, DECC review of support for Anaerobic Digestion and micro-Combined Heat and Power under the Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme are farcical says the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, HHIC. Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said: Micro combined heat and power units (micro CHP) are not […]

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Global Micro-CHP market to treble

Delta-ee latest research forecasts that the value of the global micro-CHP market will reach €3.2 billion in 2019, up from €0.9 billion in 2014. Fuel cells are driving the growth of the global market. Fuel cells drive growth but engines continue to dominate in Europe Fuel cell products have increased from 0% of global sales […]

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Starting a smart power evolution

Industry report highlights that fuel cell smart power units can deliver tangible benefits for 90% of UK households. A new report launched today reveals how fuel cell smart power units could act like ‘mini power stations’ in more than 5.3 million UK homes, flats and small businesses by 2030. Transferring power generation from energy suppliers […]

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ENER-G publishes guide to energy industry acronyms for CHP

A guide to the energy industry’s most baffling acronyms has been published by cogeneration specialist ENER-G to improve customers’ understanding of combined heat and power (CHP) “CHP is a complex technology and there’s a long list of other associated industry abbreviations that can make it more difficult to understand”, says Clare Burns, Marketing Manager for […]

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'The price of micro-CHP needs to be halved'

Delta-ee, provider of insight into heat and distributed energy markets, carried out research with over 600 homeowners in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK to help those involved in the micro-CHP industry to better understand their target market – specifically the price consumers will pay for micro-CHP, and what type of financing propositions they would […]

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