What should installers do when they identify an unsafe situation

The new 7th edition of the unsafe situation procedures became current on the 1 July (Technical Bulletin 001). Mike Heads looks at the new procedure and why it was developed. In February 2010, Katie Haines – a newly-married press officer – died of CO poisoning from a previously categorised At Risk appliance. The coroner Peter Bedford stated […]

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Electronic Combustion Gas Analysers – how they work and how to maintain them

Electronic Combustion Gas Analysers (ECGA) have been around for many years. In this article, Mike Heads looks at how they work and how to maintain them. A ‘basic’ ECGA can measure two gases – oxygen (O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) – and can calculate carbon dioxide (CO2). It can also measure ambient temperature and flue […]

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SE and U duct flue systems – what installers need to know

Shared flue/chimney systems have been used for many years in multi-storey buildings. Mike Heads looks at both the SE and U duct flue systems, and assesses the impact of the recent development of the communal flue system (CFS). Shared chimneys allow a number of appliances on different storeys of a building to combine their products […]

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A closer look at the Benchmark Scheme

In recent years, boilers have become more efficient and sophisticated, so to ensure reliability it is more important than ever that boilers are correctly installed and commissioned. Mike Heads looks at the key procedures involved. The Benchmark Scheme is an agreed written procedure that has been produced by boiler manufacturers in collaboration with the HHIC […]

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How to calculate pipe size in domestic installations

Whenever pipework is to be installed, or appliances replaced, gas operatives should ensure that the design allows adequate flow of gas to each appliance. Mike Heads looks at how this is achieved by calculating the pipe size in domestic installations using BS 6891: 2005. Low pressure natural gas installations should be designed to provide an […]

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