National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies

National Skills Academy poised for increased Green Deal demand

The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies ‘Green Deal ready’ providers now stands at 50, delivering a national network of training offering courses tailored to the needs of individual candidates. With interest in the Green Deal likely to take-off following the announcement of further incentives through the Green Deal Home Improvement fund, choosing a relevant […]

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National Skills Academy builds on the success of the last three years

The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies restructures to ensure it remains the leading authority on environmental technologies and energy efficiency skills development. Having successfully completed its three year funded programme from the government’s Skills Funding Agency, and been granted a continuation of the licence to operate as a National Skills Academy, the organisation will […]

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Bigger contracts = bigger margins

Bigger contracts involve the careful process of pre-qualifying questionnaires (PQQs) and tendering – documents that prove your organisation is best equipped for the job in terms of skills, experience and managing budgets. Kevin Dowd offers some helpful advice for businesses looking to break into the public sector and local authority arena. Helping the public sector […]

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Going green – what you really think

The green arm of the building services engineering sector is much talked about, but how relevant is it to most installers? Is it really making a difference to their day job? Are they even taking any notice, and if they are, what technologies are most popular, and how is this knowledge being acquired? Installer magazine […]

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'Communication is key'

Following the government’s announcement last week that £500,000 has been pledged to help installers train in heat-based renewables through a voucher scheme, Cathryn Hickey, executive director of the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, says “communication is key” when it comes to helping installers and their customers understand the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the […]

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