Neil Watson

ADEY influences new government campaign

Siobhan Baillie, MP for the Stroud constituency where ADEY HQ is based, raised ‘sludge’  as an issue with The Rt Hon Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (ESNZ), prior to his department recommending whole system maintenance, including water treatment, as part of their next government energy saving […]

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Key changes to water treatment requirements in new Part L

Changes to Part L will be in force from 15 June 2022, meaning that water quality checking, maintenance and protection will need to be carried out at every heating system install, service and repair. Essentially, when working on, preparing or commissioning a heating system – NEW OR EXISTING – the heating system water needs to […]

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Watch: How to get the most out of the Benchmark installer app

This video demonstrates how to use the new Benchmark installer app, which digitises the Benchmark checklist to streamline the process and encourage a ‘whole life’ approach to boiler care. We touch upon the history of the app –including why it has been created – and look at how heating engineers can get the most out […]

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