Brits use five times more water than they think

Consumers urged to cut back on water use as Ideal Standard highlights Britain’s most common water wasting habits Key statistics: People estimate that they use 29 litres of water per day – in reality the average use is 150 litres per person per day1 Those showering let the water run for an average of 1 […]

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Government heralds energy efficiency revolution

A transformation in the way energy is used across the UK economy could help boost growth and jobs, and investing in energy efficiency could save up to 22 power stations-worth of energy by 2020, according to the Government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy. The new Strategy is aimed at changing the way energy is used in sectors […]

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Viessmann supports Hole in the roof

Heating manufacturer, Viessmann, is supporting the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council’s Hole in the Roof campaign.  Launched on November 12 2012, its purpose is to raise the awareness of energy efficiency by getting people to take action and make a change in their homes that could result in financial savings. Hole in the Roof would […]

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Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere & Appliance Testing

In our series of articles explaining the ACS modules, Steve Mulvany, Logic Certification Scheme Director, provides an overview of the recently introduced ACS assessment, CMDDA1. According to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) figures, on average, 15 people die from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning every year, caused by gas appliances and flues that have not been […]

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UK's first green energy storage system

Solar ENLES Ltd has launched the UK’s first green energy storage system that can be installed with new or existing domestic solar PV systems. By storing electricity when it is produced during the day and using it at other times, SunBat will enable domestic users to meet up to 75% of their electrical energy needs […]

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