Yorkshire plumber invents Vanguardian – A solution to deter van thieves

A Yorkshire plumber has invented Vanguardian – a patented solution to deter van thieves and protect the van and its cargo. Michael Horsfall’s invention, Vanguardian, is a zonal based alarm system designed to stop theft before it even starts.The heating engineer from Leeds spent more than two years developing the flexible, multi-point alarm system to […]

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Van theft – The installer’s view

In his latest article, Heating Engineer Andy Gibbs looks at how van theft can affect installers, and what can be done to combat it. Van theft, or theft of tools from vans, is always a hot topic. Just recently I was reading an article on Installer that said £17.5 million of tools were stolen in […]

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#noVANber campaign reaches 31,000 signatures in the fight against tool theft

The #noVANber campaign has been set up which calls on the Government to look at more ways to protect tradespeople from van tool theft. Peter Booth (@PBPlumber) started an online petition now has over 31,000 signatures (at the time of writing), and he’s encouraging all tradespeople to pledge their support, and get their family and […]

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