Nu-Heat Underfloor & Renewables


Many more properties can now enjoy the benefits of warm water underfloor heating thanks to LoPro™Max, an innovative new UFH system developed by Nu-Heat. This revolutionary solution features the highest high heat output of any retrofit UFH system and offers fast response times equivalent to that of a radiator, all with a low height build […]

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Introducing LoPro™Max OneZone

Nu-Heat is introducing a new product to the innovative LoPro™ range, LoPro™Max OneZone.  LoPro™Max OneZone features a high heat output and fast response times equivalent to that of a radiator system, all with a low height build up of just 22mm. LoPro™Max OneZone is a warm water underfloor heating system designed for retrofit projects and […]

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EnergyPro™ Solar Thermal

Underfloor heating and renewables specialist, Nu-Heat, has introduced new Solar Thermal panels to their EnergyPro™ range, offering installers the same outstanding quality at a lower price; 30% less than before! A Solar Thermal system, such as EnergyPro™, uses solar panels to collect heat from the sun.  The energy captured from this process is then used […]

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Nu-Heat LoPro10

Infographic providing an overview of Nu-Heat’s LoPro10 retrofit underfloor heating solution.

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Nu-Heat MCS support for installers

The ability to install renewable technologies under the MCS banner will provide an ideal opportunity to expand your business into a new and growing area of the market. Nu-Heat knows that the effort and time involved in becoming MCS registered and then providing the paperwork for every renewables installation can be something that many installers […]

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