Part G

Bristan reminds installers to choose thermostatic for Part G compliance

Chris Tranter, Senior Product Manager at Bristan, reminds plumbers to think thermostatic when choosing products for domestic environments:  When it comes to choosing water delivery products, safety has to be a top priority. It is for this reason that certain hot water safeguards are required under Part G. In 2010, an amendment to The Building […]

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How to improve water efficiency

For a four-person household, average water usage is 165 litres per person per day, according the Consumer Council for Water. Given that most people drink only around two litres, Steve Tuckwell analyses how much of the remaining 163 litres could be saved. Climate change is predicted to bring extremes in rainfall patterns, resulting in extended dry […]

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Two thirds of installers don't know what Part G entails

Leading anti-scald bathroom product manufacturer, Inta, has launched a new e-learning package after it was revealed that a staggering two thirds of plumbers and installers do not know what the Part G building regulations entail. As a result of a recent survey carried out by the company, Inta has created a bespoke training module that […]

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