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Talon’s Hinged Clips and Link Spacers – Product Focus

It is nearly 40 years since Talon’s Hinged Clips first appeared in merchants and in that time these easy to install products have transformed pipework installations. Fitted in just one simple step, Hinged Clips provide a robust solution for securing pipework, ensuring installations are not only effective but visually appealing too. Working alongside the Hinged […]

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Talon’s Black Spacers for Hinged Clips now available in packs of 100

Talon has announced its best-selling Black Spacers are now available in a bag of 100. The Black Spacers, designed exclusively for compatibility with the company’s renowned Hinged Clip range, have previously been available in bags of 20. These spacers allow heating and plumbing installers to easily maintain their standard of pipework, providing both functional and […]

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7 reasons to try Walraven’s innovative plastic pipe clip

Fed up with regular plastic clips breaking on you? Or do you need a plastic clip that is temperature resistant and corrosion resistant? Just two reasons why you might like to try Walraven’s plastic clip – starQuick®. starQuick® are plastic pipe clips with a difference! Made from Polyamide, they are much stronger than standard polypropylene […]

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