Flexigas launches FGLink adapter range

Flexigas has introduced the FGLink adapter range, designed to convert any FlowFlex fitting to a Flexigas fitting in seconds. The patent-pending FGLink system makes Flexigas a CSST system that’s truly compatible with a wide range of readily available brass compression fittings. In partnership with FlowFlex, the UK’s largest brass fittings manufacturer, the FGLink has been […]

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Uponor launches Ecoflex VIP Thermo pre-insulated pipes

Uponor has launched Ecoflex VIP Thermo, the next generation of pre-insulated pipes with the ability to significantly minimise heat and energy losses.  Ecoflex VIP Thermo is a high-performance pipe designed to make heating systems more sustainable. The product’s efficiency stems from its unique hybrid design which combines technology from bonded and unbonded insulated pipes to […]

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Soil and Waste Pipes – Design and Installation guide

The home improvements boom has seen large bathroom renovations and new en suite refurbishment projects grow in popularity. However, repurposing homes and bathroom spaces presents a number of challenges for waste and soil pipe installation. Jerry Whitely, Technical Manager at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), provides an overview of the design […]

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Wavin launches Wavin AS+ the new generation of low noise pipe systems

Wavin has launched the Wavin AS+ solution to provide advanced noise reduction in soil and waste systems. Noisy pipes present a challenge in multi-storey buildings all over the world. Whether hospitals, hotels, residential developments or offices, pipe noise can be far costlier to fix post-build than if addressed during planning. Building on the successful 30-year […]

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Potable water pipework in new and existing buildings

Ensuring a supply of potable water for drinking and food preparation is vital for maintaining the health of building occupants. All installations must comply with current UK regulations that provide minimum standards for drinking water quality. Glen Peter, Technical Support Manager at Viega, discusses the key factors and issues that surround the supply of potable […]

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