High rise fire safety prioritised with new pipework

With recent regulations mandating more fire safety precautions be put in place around building services, a polymer specialist has released a Class B fire rated pre-insulated pipework solution for quick installation in high rise buildings. Following previous developments such as the 2018 Hackitt Review and the Government’s July announcement of legislation appointing a new regulator for safety […]

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IGEM Standard G/5 – Gas in multi-occupancy buildings: What installers need to know

Providing a safe gas supply to flats in high-rise developments brings its own set of challenges. Barrie Church reviews how the IGEM Standard G/5 aims to ensure that the work is always done safely and correctly. The work in IGEM on the standard G/5 was first started as part of a request for advice on […]

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How to prevent condensation forming on cold, refrigeration and air-conditioning pipes

Flexible elastomeric foam (FEF) insulation materials prevent condensation forming on cold, refrigeration and air-conditioning pipes. Ralf Springub from the European FEF/PEF Interest Group CEFEP (Celle, Germany), explains more: Condensation on pipework should always be prevented wherever possible. Moisture formation can damage the structural fabric of a building, promote mould growth and either cause or greatly accelerate […]

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How to calculate pipe size in domestic installations

Whenever pipework is to be installed, or appliances replaced, gas operatives should ensure that the design allows adequate flow of gas to each appliance. Mike Heads looks at how this is achieved by calculating the pipe size in domestic installations using BS 6891: 2005. Low pressure natural gas installations should be designed to provide an […]

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How to install and maintain low pressure gas installation pipework

Peter Mason of Blue Flame Associates Ltd reviews the significant proposed changes to BS 6891 – Specification for the installation and maintenance of low pressure gas installation pipework of up to 35mm (R1¼) in premises. Arevised British Standards Institution (BSI) standard, BS 6891:2013, is currently in the ‘draft for comment’ stage. The revised standard is […]

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