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Should installers be shopping global or local? – Tim Pollard Unfiltered

In his exclusive column for Installer, Tim Pollard takes a look at supply chain issues, and encourages installers to shop local.  My goodness, every time I come around to write this article we see yet further developments which are surprising, to say the least. Now there would appear to be supply chain issues affecting all […]

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Are all radiators the same?

In the latest edition of his popular column, Tim Pollard asks ‘are all radiators the same’? A central heating system is a wondrous thing with many components which can make a huge difference to the performance and efficiency of the installation. I am writing today about a part of the system which seems to be […]

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Are big tech companies entering the heating and plumbing industry and what does it mean for installers?

In his new-look column, Tim Pollard – Managing Director of Pollard & Pollard – investigates big tech companies entering the heating and plumbing industry, and what that means for installers. Peter Booth started a really interesting debate on social media recently regarding potential new entrants to the installation market using Amazon as a fictitious example. However, it […]

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Is it fair for the public to blame installers for frozen condensate pipes?

In the first of his new-look column, Tim Pollard – Managing Director of Pollard & Pollard – takes a look at the frozen condensate pipes that made headlines during the cold snap of 2018. Unless you’re cut off from the outside world, you cannot help but have noticed the huge numbers of cases of frozen condensate […]

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