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UK manufacturing is on the rise, which is good for the heating industry – says QRL Radiators

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that UK manufacturing is expanding at its fastest rate in a decade, following a seventh consecutive month of growth in November 2017. Geraint Roberts, Production Director at leading British radiator manufacturer QRL Radiator Group, hails the development as ‘hugely encouraging’ for UK business and […]

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Barlo is back – trusted radiator brand will return in 2018

To celebrate 50 years of making Great British radiators, QRL Radiator Group has announced it will roll out its trusted Barlo brand from January 2018. The move, which comes half a century after Aidan Barlow founded the original Barlo Company in 1967, marks a deliberate throwback to QRL’s roots – honouring the business’s heritage as […]

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Efficient heat emitters are the missing links in improving energy performance

Installing efficient heat emitters – be they efficient radiators, convectors or surface heating and cooling – will be quintessential in improving the efficiency of Europe’s old building stock – says the European Heating Industry (EHI): These improvements must be coherent with the customer’s wish of thermal comfort. Therefore, to achieve the twin goals of saving energy […]

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