The morning rush is back – says new statistics

The morning rush hour, a phenomenon last seen nearly six months ago, has returned with traffic levels back to levels seen in January, analysis of hundreds of thousands of trips taken by RAC Insurance customers has revealed. Data from drivers with RAC black box devices fitted shows that the beginning of the school year in England has […]

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More than one million penalty notices are issued to city drivers each year for driving in bus lanes

Drivers in the UK’s 20 largest cities are receiving more than one million penalty charge notices (PCNs) for driving in bus lanes every year, with some 3.4m issued by councils between 2015 and 2017, new data seen by the RAC reveals. While bus lane fines can vary considerably, a conservative estimate of the total value […]

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Number of vehicles being vandalised is up 10% in the last three years, says new data

The number of vehicles vandalised in England and Wales has increased by 10% in the last three years, according to data seen by RAC Insurance. A total of 210,418 vehicles were reported to have suffered criminal damage such as deliberate scratches, slashed tyres, snapped windscreen wipers, smashed wing mirrors and broken windows in 2016 – 19,238 […]

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Motorists complain that traffic is worse on UK's major roads

Congestion on the UK’s major roads, which carry two-thirds of all traffic, has increased in the last year according to more than half of the motorists surveyed for the 2017 RAC Report on Motoring. Fifty-six per cent of the 1,727 drivers questioned for the annual study said they believe traffic has got worse on motorways, high-speed […]

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Motorists want to take on rogue private parking companies

The RAC is backing Sir Greg Knight MP’s private member’s bill to tackle rogue private parking companies head on by introducing better regulation to protect motorists, as research shows overwhelming support for such proposals. The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill 2017-18, which had its first reading in July, aims to reform unfair parking practices by introducing a […]

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