Coming soon: Quick and easy water testing on the job

Sludge build-up from corrosion can lead to cold spots on radiators, reduced system effectiveness and diminished energy efficiency, among other issues. Of most concern are complete boiler breakdowns, in fact, 15% of all breakdowns occur in the first year and 60% of these are due to sludge. In short, poor water treatment does not make […]

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Heating systems to Uruguay and Australia

Heating company Discrete Heat is now selling its heating systems to Uruguay and Australia, countries where you might not expect it to be cold enough to have such demand!  Yet these countries have such long summers that they feel the cold when it comes, and have clearly seen the advantages of the company’s skirting board […]

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Renewable ready radiators

2013 was one of the most successful years ever for Britain’s renewable energy drive; this is a promising position at the launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a new campaign to encourage homeowners to use renewable energy systems. The launch of domestic RHI is the second part of a two part phase. November […]

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MHS Radiators have been installed at Bentley

19 cast iron Ionic radiators from MHS Radiators have been installed at Bentley Priory in Stanmore, Middlesex. The products were fitted as part of a conversion of the historic 18th century mansion house and its adjoining buildings, into a variety of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, duplexes and villas. The refurbishment was completed in January […]

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Drayton provides e-learning module for installers

Heating controls manufacturer Drayton is offering installers, merchants and engineers an e-learning module to brush up on their knowledge of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). The module contains information about the advantages of TRVs for both installers and the householder, and the environmental benefits that can be gained from installation. Enabling users to become an expert […]

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