right pumps

Right Pumps – how to install guide

As many households across the UK are fitted with a vented (gravity-fed) plumbing system, installers need to understand how the mains fed water supplies a tank (Cistern), usually located in a loft location, which determines the pressure of the cold water which in turn determines flow rates. However, the performance of a plumbing system is […]

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Centrifugal pumps – What installers need to know

Homes across the UK often deal with disruptions caused by poor water performance when using multiple outlets simultaneously throughout the entire household. When water demand is particularly high, it is critical that the pressure and flow rates are capable of delivering a consistent and reliable water supply. Although installers are aware that there is a […]

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Why installers should use Salamander Pumps’ Right Pumps as the pump of choice for common water pressure problems across the whole house

Low water pressure and poor flow rates are all too common headaches for installers working on households across the UK. This recurring issue can be particularly disruptive as there are a multitude of causes. For homeowners with direct mains-fed systems, such as combination boilers, the performance of the entire system relies upon the quality of […]

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