Rob Berridge

Opinion: A realistic roadmap to decarbonising heat

Heating Consultant Rob Berridge (EngTech MCIPHE) looks at Henry’s Law, oxygen in heating systems, and gives his realistic roadmap to decarbonising heat: How many times have you watched water boil? How do you know when it’s boiling? Why do you instinctively hold your children at bay when near the area? When is the right time to turn the […]

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Has gas had its day? Rob Berridge takes a look

Rob Berridge, a Heating Design Consultant and Director of Heat Engineer Software, looks at whether gas will have a place in the future energy mix: When I started this train of thought I shuddered at the thought of my beloved fuel (gas) becoming obsolete. I say obsolete but in reality, I am only referring to […]

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Watch: A new approach to sizing boilers and heat pumps

The energy-efficiency of UK homes is one of the hottest topics in the heating and plumbing industry. A lot of headlines are made about the future of heat, whether it be hydrogen boilers, heat pumps, hybrids ETC, but heat loss isn’t such a well-publicised topic. Catch up on our webinar with Rob Berridge, from Heat Engineer Software, to […]

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Are engineers fitting too many combi boilers?

Rob Berridge – Director at Heat Engineer Software – shares his views that combi boilers aren’t always the best option for the heating systems: Most that endure my little forays into writing about our industry know that I’m not a particularly huge fan of ‘combi’ boilers. Sure, they have a place in our ever-smaller homes, but it […]

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Government has "opened a Pandora's Box" with its net-zero greenhouse gas policy -says Rob Berridge

Rob Berridge – Director at Heat Engineer Software – says the Government has opened a “Pandora’s Box” with plans for the UK to have net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050: The statement by the UK government to accept the findings of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), will probably have the likes of Chris Stark (et al) […]

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