smart homes

What is Matter and why is it crucial for the future of smart homes?

Smart tech expert Britta O’Boyle explains why Matter matters for the smart home future: Smart home tech has boomed over the last decade, but there’s still a huge frustration among consumers who adopt various elements, whether that’s smart thermostats or smart lighting –incompatible devices. Smart bulbs might be working perfectly, but the smart stat refuses […]

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Great Debate – Smart Homes for UK decarbonisation

In one of the liveliest debates at InstallerSHOW, our panel of experts discussed smart home technology, as well as some of the other hot topics in the industry, including decarbonisation.  Joining us for this discussion were: Ali Bullough – Technical Trainer at JTL Fraser Hoehle – Director of NRG Scotland Plumbing and Heating Remi Volpe […]

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What will our homes look like in 100 years?

Super skyscrapers which will dwarf the Shard, underwater bubble cities and hyper-flexible living spaces are all likely to be reality in 100 years’ time. That’s the verdict of a new study which paints a vivid picture of our future lives – suggesting the way we live, work and play will change beyond all recognition over […]

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