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Smart meter rollout could be delayed due to "lack of qualified engineers"

The Government’s pledge to rollout smart meters to 30 million homes by 2020 could be delayed because of a lack of qualified engineers, new research suggests. Nearly one in five Brits, who have arranged for a smart meter to be installed in their homes, have experienced long delays because there are not enough engineers available […]

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Smart meter roll-out is creating "thousands of jobs in the energy sector"

Under a government initiative to ensure the UK becomes more energy efficient, around 53 million smart meters are to be fitted in over 30 million homes and businesses in the UK by 2020. The project needs around 11,000 qualified engineers to fit the meters but a significant skills gap in the sector has resulted in […]

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79% of people with smart meters would recommend them

This latest edition of Smart energy outlook has found that nearly eight in ten (79%) of the people who already have smart meters would recommend them to others, and a similar proportion (80%) are taking steps to reduce their energy use. These findings are consistent with previous editions. Smart energy outlook also shows that in-home […]

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Do smart meters still make sense?

Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, looks at the take up and value for money of smart meters being fitted in UK homes: DECC’s (Department of Energy & Climate Change) own figures suggest that at the end of 2015 only 2.3 million meters were deployed in smart mode of some 51 million due to be installed by end 2020. […]

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Training for the smart meter revolution

With power and gas suppliers preparing to roll out Smart Meters, ensuring the Government’s 2020 targets are met, Utilities Academy, one of the UK’s leading providers of Smart Meter training, has become the first centre approved by Logic Certification to deliver its new dual fuel Smart Meter Diploma. The course covers both gas and electricity, […]

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