SpiroCombi MB3

Spirotech offering £20 cashback to installers fitting the SpiroCombi MB3

Spirotech is giving installers the opportunity to enjoy cashback when they purchase the SpiroCombi MB3,  the combined dirt separator and deaerator. Heating engineers will now be able to receive £20 cashback when they purchase the high quality, dual-functionality unit before the end of 2018. The combined air and dirt separator delivers cost savings and improves […]

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Spirotech announces launch of SpiroCombi MB3 – the latest ‘two-in-one’ combined air and dirt separators

Spirotech has announced the imminent introduction of the SpiroCombi MB3, the latest ‘two-in-one’ combined air and dirt separators. The SpiroCombi MB3 has been developed to provide engineers and installers with a flexible alternative water conditioning solution for domestic heating and cooling systems. The SpiroCombi MB3 can be fitted on either the flow or return depending […]

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