SPORTING 2 SECURITHERM shower panel delivers stylish, safe & sustainable showering

DELABIE has launched a touch-free thermostatic version of its flagship SPORTING 2 shower panel, bringing the comfort of home to public washrooms. The new SPORTING 2 SECURITHERM ingeniously combines the hygiene benefits of touch-free, electronic control with anti-scalding thermostatic technology in a stylish, yet compact silhouette. Prevent scalding Inside the shower head a thermostatic cell […]

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How convenient are public conveniences?

Public toilets have long held a certain notoriety. Originally designed for convenience to provide comfort outside of the home, today’s reality is very different. Far from offering “amenities” and “comfort breaks”, they are often unhygienic, uninspiring and unappealing – the antithesis of what is required of public washrooms. As we finally return to shared spaces, […]

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