The contribution greener heating and hot water can make to net zero targets

According to the Energy Savings Trust, household emissions from heating and hot water must reduce by 95% to reach the 2050 net zero targets set by the UK Government as part of its worldwide obligations. To achieve this, the UK needs a home heating revolution in the next few years to achieve the necessary carbon […]

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Air to Water Heat Pumps – The sensible approach to heating and hot water

The terminology around the arrival of various types of heat pump are getting more familiar to most of us. And air to water heat pumps are no longer solutions from another planet. With far too few installers currently qualified to install heat pumps in the UK – and a potential need for more than 30,000 […]

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Heat pumps – the sensible heating solution for installers

With recent announcements from Government about the decarbonisation of heating in the UK, the spotlight has been trained on the use of proven renewable technology such as that available from LG to provide our heating and hot water. The need to meet the new Future Homes Standards and the stipulation that gas and other fossil […]

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