Engine hour monitoring: Why your vehicle tracking system should have it

One of the key benefits of a vehicle tracking system is complete visibility of your fleet, whether you have hundreds of vehicles or just a few. This includes the ability to see how your vehicles are being used, but also to determine how much they are being used. Engine hours, a new addition to the […]

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What does UK law say about vehicle tracking?

There are an estimated 33 million vehicles on the UK roads. Quartix has installed tracking units in over 600,000 vehicles over the past twenty years. And there are many other vehicle tracking companies in operation. Although it’s difficult to give a figure, it’s safe to say that millions of vehicles in the UK are currently […]

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How much does vehicle tracking cost in 2021?

With hundreds of tracking systems on the market, each offering different features, benefits and overall customer experience, it can be a challenge to understand the current vehicle tracking prices and the typical additional fees you can expect from a supplier. Here, Quartix has compiled ten of the most common questions about vehicle tracking prices are […]

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