Steve Keeton

150,000 installers could be needed to hit heat pump targets

New research has suggested that 150,000 installers could be needed to hit Government’s annual heat pump installation target of 600,000.  Developing from discussions within the HHIC Systems Group, chaired by Steve Keeton, the organisation has conducted extensive investigations of working practices through the membership. It has revealed a figure of circa 150,000 workers is required to meet […]

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Decarbonising heat in off-grid areas may need “a step-by-step approach”

Hosted by Installer, panellists who took part in the webinar Decarbonising Heat in Rural areas off the gas grid, examined the challenges of decarbonising heating in the countryside. Due to the difficulties and costs of insulating the types of buildings that often exist in rural Britain, panellists – Steve Keeton from Vaillant Group, Sophia Haywood […]

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