STORMBOOST: The Ultimate Solution for Low Mains Water Pressure

Are you and your customers frustrated with low water pressure? STORMBOOST is designed to boost existing mains water pressure by up to 2.5 bar, providing a maximum flow rate of 12 litres per minute. It’s the go-to choice for enhancing water performance in residential properties – ideal for boosting combi-boilers and properties with one bathroom. […]

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Stuart Turner launches STORMBOOST water boosting pump

Stuart Turner Group has released a new water-boosting pump called STORMBOOST. Designed for domestic properties, it will increase mains water pressure by up to 2.5 bar. Alongside its popular MONSOON water pump which can boost water outlets by up to 4.5 bar across the home, feeding from tank and cylinder systems, STORMBOOST connects directly to […]

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