Talon’s EZ Joist Clips

Talon’s EZ Joist Clip – Product Focus

Talon’s EZ Joist Clip is making pipework installations safer, quicker and easier for installers, especially in challenging overhead, high up and hard-to-reach areas. Now, to encourage installers to make the change from a nail-in clip, Talon is offering free samples of its innovative EZ Joist Clip. The EZ Joist Clip’s intelligent design allows for side-on […]

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Talon’s EZ Joist Clips – What installers need to know

Designed for installing pipework in awkward spaces, Talon’s EZ Joist Clips transform the way plumbing and heating professionals run pipes and cables onto joists, offering a safer and easier install with convenience and reliability. Manufactured in the UK, these high-quality polypropylene clips have an innovative design that enables quick and effortless installation, saving installers significant […]

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