TankBoost: How to boost multiple outlets on multiple floors, all at the same time

Households across the UK are suffering from poor water pressure and flow, especially in larger, multi-storey properties with high water demand. Installer spoke to Salamander Pumps about how its TankBoost could offer a solution. In busy homes with multiple bathrooms, larger kitchens, en suites and loft conversions, there is an essential need to use more than one […]

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Salamander pumps launches TankBoost designed for ‘running the show’ in high water demand properties

No matter the size of the household or the number of outlets running in the kitchen or bathroom, good water pressure and flow is a must have for homeowners. Salamander Pumps has launched TankBoost, an easy to install, single unit solution to ensure water performance remains at optimum levels even in large, multi-storey homes. TankBoost […]

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