Just 2% of Brits make a cup of tea correctly

Being offered a nice warm brew from their customer is a welcome sight for most tradespeople, but just 2% of Brits make a cup of tea correctly, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 UK adults, commissioned by Tic Watches, found that the time an average person leaves their tea to brew is just one minute and ten seconds.  However, […]

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CONFIRMED: How to make the perfect cup of "builder's tea"

It’s the hot drink guaranteed to put a smile on every tradesperson’s face yet few of us get it right – now experts have confirmed how to make the perfect cup of builder’s tea. Experts at Leasevan.co.uk have revealed the secrets behind every builder’s dream cuppa after tradespeople across the country complained about anaemic brews. […]

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Sick of rogue customers not offering you a cuppa? THIS is for you:

For the first time ever, tradesmen are to be offered protection against customers who fail to provide them with a hot drink while on a job.     Being offered a hot drink by a customer has always been an unspoken rule between tradesmen and customers, however in recent years this tradition has slipped with too many builders, plumbers […]

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Most Brits don't know how to make a proper cup of tea

Three-quarters of the nation (76%) drink tea every day, but new research shows we Brits are making it wrong. Pot or mug? Milk before water? Sugar or no sugar? There remains an age-old debate amongst the public as to what constitutes the perfect cuppa. But British Science Week has revealed that 80 percent of tea-drinkers […]

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