A day in the life of Eric Brawley – Technical Co-Ordinator for Vokèra by Riello

As Technical Co-Ordinator for Vokèra by Riello, Eric Brawley spends much of his working day in direct contact with customers, either conducting training sessions or when he and his team are offering technical advice over the phone. He explains why he finds this essential role so rewarding. Invaluable experience After working as a British Gas […]

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Survival of the fittest

Modules alone will not be enough to keep manufacturers afloat in the solar PV market of the future, says Ben Hill. Instead, they must move with the times and reposition themselves as holistic solutions providers. Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated… Representatives of the UK solar PV industry may have been tempted to turn […]

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Going grey

Cathryn Hickey, Executive Director for the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, looks at where to start when it comes to greywater reuse. Greywater refers to waste water that is discharged from wash basins, baths, showers and washing machines. This water can be reused for ‘non-wholesome outlets’ such as watering the garden, car washing and […]

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Big freeze

In recent years, frozen condensate pipes have caused an increasing number of problems for homeowners and installers alike. Mike Heads looks at the causes and the solutions to this industry-wide problem. Changes to the building regulations in 2005 effectively forced consumers to have condensing boilers installed in new-build properties and upgrade their existing heating system. […]

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Reaching the heights

There are now fewer open-flue installations in the UK. Graham Elkins highlights why a knowledge of how they operate and what makes them work is essential to ensure the safe removal of products of combustion (POC) to atmosphere. For an open-flue, the motive force for the flue is produced thermally by the heat of the […]

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