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Just 2% of Brits make a cup of tea correctly

Being offered a nice warm brew from their customer is a welcome sight for most tradespeople, but just 2% of Brits make a cup of tea correctly, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 UK adults, commissioned by Tic Watches, found that the time an average person leaves their tea to brew is just one minute and ten seconds.  However, […]

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Research reveals the most productive time of the day for tradespeople

A new study has pinpointed the most productive and creative times of day for each profession, with the average UK worker being most effective around lunchtime. Brits are most productive late in the morning, at 11:54am, but feel most inventive during their midday break, reaching their creative peak at 12:42pm.  The research, conducted by Tic Watches, […]

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