Titon launches new aura-tTM (HMB) controller

Titon has launched the new multifunctional aura-tTM (HMB), a simple, innovative touchscreen controller for programming, commissioning and occupancy control of the company’s range of HRV Q Plus HMB units. The HMB (Humidity Bypass) model complements the existing aura-tTM (B), ensuring there is a touchscreen control option available for all Titon MVHR systems. The new controller […]

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Titon launches HRV 10.25 Q Plus MVHR unit

Titon has extended its range of MVHR systems with the new HRV 10.25 Q Plus, which has been designed for use in large apartments or houses. This continuously running whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery has been specifically designed in accordance with new building design requirements – providing improved performance compared to other models […]

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Titon Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery units are compliant with EU ventilation regs

All Titon Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery units (MVHR) have been tested in accordance with the new EU regulations for ventilation units, which came into force on 1 January 2016. The company’s HRV Q Plus ‘Eco’ units are fully compliant and designed in accordance with the new regulations, offering a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, as recognised […]

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New Titon dMEV range launched

Titon has launched two new decentralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV) units for use in small to medium sized dwellings: Solace and Solitude, the latter of which is the most efficient dMEV currently available. Suitable for either new build or refurbishment projects, both the Solitude and Solace are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, due […]

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Government urged to act on air quality

Titon is backing the Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (VIAQ) Task Group’s call for concerted Government-led action on ensuring good performance of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems. The Task Group’s report, which was authored by the National Home Building Council (NHBC), highlighted concerns over indoor air quality in new homes, and demonstrated a […]

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