Fluidmaster launches CPD module on specification of urinals and toilets

Fluidmaster has launched a new CPD module focusing on specification of urinals and toilets. Ideal for anyone involved in the design, planning or installation of washrooms, bathrooms or public conveniences, the CPD is available from April and investigates important themes including product choice, sustainable water management, public health, regulations and legislation. The new Fluidmaster CPD […]

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Fluidmaster releases Little Guide Book of Toilet Repairs

Fluidmaster has released the ‘Little Guide Book of Toilet Repairs’, which offers quick and simple diagnosis and repair tips for common toilet problems. The 24-page book – available to download from the Fluidmaster website – focusses on some of the main problems which are widely experienced with malfunctioning toilets and offers advice to help identify […]

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The CIPHE urges consumers to flip and flush

With our understanding of coronavirus transmission growing, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is urging consumers to flip down the toilet seat before they flush, to help stop the spread of coronavirus, germs and other nasties spread by toilet plume. While it has been generally accepted that toilet plume – tiny droplets […]

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Are urinals the best option for public facilities?

We’ve been given the all clear to reopen retail shops which is a relief for the workers, and a respite in the lockdown for others. Hampering this take-up to help kick-start the economy, is the lack of public toilets available to shoppers. Many council toilets are closed completely, and larger shopping centres have reduced the […]

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New research shows 16.5% of people are unhappy at work because of the toilets

Research by the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) reveals alarming insights into the negative impact that the state of workplace toilets are having on workers. APHC surveyed over 1,000 workers in England and Wales asking about the condition of the toilets at their place of work.  Their research found 43.8% of the people […]

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