Viessmann launches new Vitodens 100-W gas-condensing boiler

Viessmann has launched the new Vitodens 100-W gas-condensing boiler, which can be remotely operated by an app, and is ready for the addition of hydrogen to the UK gas supply. The Vitodens 100-W, manufactured to a high standard in Germany, has WiFi built inside, meaning it can be completely controlled remotely, via Smartphone or tablet, […]

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Viessmann launches next-generation Vitodens 100-W gas-condensing boiler and Vitodens 111-W wall-mounted storage combi boiler

Viessmann has launched the next generation of its Vitodens 100-W series of gas-condensing boiler, and the new Vitodens 111-W wall-mounted storage combi boiler. The WiFi-integrated Vitodens 100-W’s new control platform makes commissioning and servicing the boiler easier. It is now possible to monitor and make adjustments to customers’ boilers remotely. No third-party controls are required, […]

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Technical Q&A for installers wanting to retrofit heat pumps into existing homes

Achieving national targets for decarbonisation through the installation of heat pumps will require retrofit to existing homes with gas boilers.  Installer is joined by Viessmann for a technical look into this for a webinar, hosted at 11am on 26 February 2021. There’s no cost to attend. Save your spot here: Plus, get your questions […]

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Webinar: Hydrogen fuel cell mCHP boilers. How does the technology deliver heat, power and carbon reduction?

Where do fuel cell micro CHP boilers fit into the equation of decarbonisation, given that they operate on a natural gas supply which they convert to hydrogen at point of use? Installer is joined by Viessmann for a webinar exploring this at 11am on 23 February 2021. There’s no cost to attend. You can save […]

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More reaction to Sixth Carbon Budget

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has annouced the Sixth Carbon Budget (2033-2037), charting the move to zero carbon for the UK. The budget looks at a central phase out date of 2028 for high-carbon fossil fuel boilers not connected to the gas grid, and a phase out date of 2033for gas boilers in homes (not […]

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