View from the Front Line

What does the British Gas “fire and rehire” strike mean for the industry?

In his latest article for Installer, heating and plumbing engineer Andy Gibbs looks at the strike from British Gas engineers over “fire and rehire” contracts: I’m pretty sure most people in the industry will have heard of the upset going on with British Gas and the so- called “fire and rehire” contracts. Some of the engineers […]

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Do punishments for illegal gas work go far enough?

In his most recent article for Installer, heating and plumbing engineer Andy Gibbs questions if enough is being done to deter people from illegally working on gas: This month I’ve been looking into punishments handed down to illegal gas installers. I spotted this story on Installer’s website regarding a kitchen fitter who illegally worked on a hob, […]

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View from the Front Line – What happens if we get ill?

In his first exclusive column for InstallerONLINE, Heating and Plumbing Engineer Andy Gibbs looks at what will happen to his business, if he gets sick: Here I am again, not in print now, just on the information superhighway known as the internet! The guys at Installer asked if I’d like to carry on writing for […]

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View from the Front Line – A recap

As Installer heads in an exciting new digital direction, Heating Engineer and regular columnist Andy Gibbs looks back at the articles he’s written for the magazine. I thought I’d indulge myself with a look back at all the articles I’ve penned over the last four years, so sit back, read on and take a trip […]

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View from the front line: Would you give up freebies, if it meant products cost less?

In his latest column for Installer, heating engineer Andy questions whether freebies hike up the cost of products. I want to raise the subject of incentives. Manufacturers, merchants, even installers offer them to customers to sweeten the deal, to keep you buying their product. This can range from a pen or a t-shirt when you […]

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