A Facebook group for installers recommends Ideal Vogue as the best boiler

When Allen Hart of CCH Leeds recently asked the 600+ industry members of his Facebook group, Gas Chat “Which 40kW combi boiler would you fit in your own house….quality is the most important thing”, he was impressed by the number of responses and comments recommending the Ideal Vogue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lftcf95XsyY The Vogue boiler came out on […]

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Ideal’s Vogue gets 10 year warranty

Ideal Boilers has introduced a free 10 year warranty on parts and labour for its Vogue Boiler. Installers are familiar with the peace of mind which comes when commissioning a boiler from the Ideal Logic+ boiler range, thanks to the seven year warranty on parts and labour. Now Ideal has added a free 10 year […]

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